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 The Institute ofOrganic Optoelectronics, JITRI (Jiangsu Industrial Technology ResearchInstitute), hereinafter referred to as the Institute, was jointly establishedby the Wujiang Government of Suzhou, Prof. Shuit-Tong Lee’s team and JITRI. TheInstitute is organized as a joint-stock enterprise (its legal entity is JITRIOrganic Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.), and under the management of JiangsuIndustrial Technology Research Institute.

 The Institute islocated in Foho, a picturesque and economically vibrant district of Wujiang. Fohois bounded by Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Shanghai, which is thecore area of the Yangtze River Delta and only 45 minutes away from ShanghaiHongqiao Airport. Seated in a cultural and educational center, and surroundedby nearly 200 colleges and universities, the Institute hasin its vicinity alarge number of high-quality talents engaging in science and technology. 

 The Institute hostsrenownedscientists in the field of organic optoelectronics, forming a world-class consultingteamwhich provides technological adviceson the research and development for theInstitute. Meanwhile, the Institute has a high-class R&D platform. In thisrespect, the Institute can, according to demand,carry out research anddevelopment on key technologies in the field of organic optoelectronics;innovative achievements are consolidated for further development.In addition,we cooperate with enterprises and universities to carry our contract research.Through incubating and spinning off start-ups and providing services to theseenterprises,the Institute can realize the commercialization of technologies, making Wujiangacenter in the optoelectronics area and providing great support to industrialtransformation and upgrade in Jiangsu Province. 

 TheInstitutesincerely invites enterprises in the field of organic optoelectronicsto work with us as partners. We provide financial, technology, and management supportas well as other services. Through the technological cooperation in a complementarymanner, we will ultimately achieve win-win situation.Detailed information is as follows:

 Buildingsand Facilities. Investors and entrepreneurs can rent our R&D and officebuildings to start their business. Project deemed excellent will receive afull rentsubsidy. Specific details will be provided on a case-by-case basis.

 Funding. The Institute hasan investment funds which can be utilized to support high-quality projects. Specificsaresubject to discussion on a case-by-case basis.

 TechnologyandTalents Policy. Enterpriseswill be supported by the national, provincial,municipal and district governmentsin the areas oftechnology and talent, withsubsidies that range from 0.3 – 5 million RMB. In addition, research personnelqualify for house-purchasing allowance, relocation allowance and other compensations.

 Servicesfor Projects. Based on the requirements of specialization, standardization,institutionalization and normalization, the Institute provides the cooperating firmswith services in patent applications, funding applications, financing,marketing, human resources, and legal services.

 Management.TheInstitute will tailor specialized management plansto the specific requirementsof local and overseas experts. It acts as an “occasional manager” to help theinvestors to develop their business and achieve profitability. 

 TechnicalCooperation. The Institute possessesworld-class technology, rich talent and advancedequipment and testing platform (with RMB 300 million worth of testing equipment).Therefore, we invite cooperation with enterprises, governments and institutesin an all-round manner to establish an innovative system and maximize theeffectiveness of the supply chainrelated to optoelectronics.

 PlatformBuilding. The Institute can support the construction of an innovation platform,with partners that include: R&D Institutions, Engineering Technology Centers,Key Laboratories, Public Technology Service Platforms, the AcademicianWorkstations, etc.The specifics are subject to agreement between the applicantand Institute on a case-by-case basis.

Contact: Jian Fan

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